Caravan Buyers Guide

Caravan Buyers Guide

So, you are looking for a caravan ? Well, this guide aims to make that process just that little bit easier.

There are lots of honest, reputable sellers out there, but, as in any business, there is also a rogue element who will misrepresent and deceive in order to sell a caravan that may not be exactly what they say. Follow our guide and you will certainly reduce the chances of ending up with a lemon !!!

Firstly, when looking for a caravan have a budget in mind and stick to it, its also advisable to print pictures and write the price and year down on back just to make sure the caravan you are viewing is the same.  Have a quick read of our caravan layout guide to make sure the caravan has enough space for you and your family, together with all the belongings you’ll want to take with you.

A lot of people may lie about the year of make on caravans, so always try to get a C.R.I.S registered caravan. This will tell you the year and owners etc. When viewing your caravan you will need a Torch, a damp tester and our guide. It’s also handy to bring along a friend or family member. Follow our 4 step guide below and hopefully you’ll roll away with the caravan of your dreams:

Step 1 – The Phone Call

Step 2 – The Exterior

Step 3 – The Interior

Step 4 – The Purchase

Step 5 – The Insurance


We hope you find these guides useful – Happy Caravanning and don’t forget to compare your caravan insurance here!

Cruckley Caravan Insurance – Caravan Buyers Guide


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