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Caravan Insurance – is it important?

In one word, yes! It’s no secret that more and more of us are feeling the pinch no thanks to the current economic climate. For those that own, or are thinking of owning a caravan the thought of taking out an insurance policy may not seem terribly appealing. However, don’t be tempted to forget about it altogether.

By all means be more selective over your policy as this could end up saving you money, but don’t forget neglecting it may end up costing you greatly.

Caravan insurance is important as is any other form of vehicle insurance; if it is to be driven on public roads then it must be covered by a valid insurance policy. And as with any vehicle the policy you take out differs depending on the type of caravan.

As an example of this it is required by law that you take out insurance to cover your motorhome, however it is not a legal requirement to have touring caravan insurance. That’s not to say it’s not advisable to get coverage should you own or be thinking of owning a touring caravan or motorhome; the thought of having to pay out damages whilst abroad is not an appealing one. Not only that but purchasing a caravan can be expensive, so it makes sense to protect your investment.

Caravan Insurance and Contents

It’s also important to take into consideration the contents of your caravan. Ensuring that you are covered for every item can be very costly however having the correct level of cover can leave you confident that your finances won’t be affected should you need to make a claim.

Treat your caravan like your home – would you ever consider cutting back on your home insurance if it meant not being covered sufficiently?

Caravan insurance really is important, if you fail to take into consideration your specific needs you could be putting yourself at more of a financial risk in the future. Therefore it’s worth taking out a comprehensive level of caravan insurance. Failing to do this is only going to result in you paying out money unnecessarily.

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