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Caravan Safety guide to Caravan Safety

It is a somewhat surprising statistic that the majority of caravan insurance claims are accident, rather than crime, related. So what can the typical intrepid caravanner do to avoid damaging his or her prized caravan as well as ruining an otherwise perfectly good no claims bonus? The answer is, unfortunately, not a lot apart from perhaps developing an impressive collection of rabbits’ feet.

The thing about accidents is that they will happen; they’ll happen when you least expect it; and often, aren’t through any fault of your own (it was the wall that moved wasn’t it?). Still, some care can be taken to minimise the risk to your caravan but you have to remain vigilant and be aware that your extra effort won’t be rewarded by additional caravan insurance discounts (unlike your additional security measures) – but will help to protect your caravan and no claims bonus.

We’ve compiled a range of information and links to additional resources on two of the main factors affecting you and your caravan’s safety:

Caravan Safety: Towing

Caravan Safety: Gas

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