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With caravan theft on the rise it is important that you not only have adequate insurance cover for your caravan in case the unthinkable happens, but also that you get your caravan security right so you never have to put that call in to the insurance company.

Much is being done to promote caravan security – especially by the insurance companies who are more willing than ever to offer generous discounts for the installation of security measures. Each company offers a different range of discounts so be sure to shop around and ask them what discounts they offer. Also check to see if the caravan insurance company will only provide the discount for a specific product or, more generally, for any Thatcham or Sold Secure approved products.

In this section you’ll find links to companies offering caravan security products, tips to help you keep your possessions out of the grubby hands of thieves and information about caravan storage.

Caravan Security – Protecting Your Caravan

Your caravan is a target for thieves and with contents in place is a very valuable commodity. With around 3,000 touring caravans stolen every year it is, understandably, of great concern to owners and caravan insurance companies alike. As a result, more and more is being done to raise the awareness of the need to improve caravan security.

There are a number of steps you can take to protect your caravan and minimise the risk of theft. Try to be realistic though: you don’t need to install every available security measure to achieve a good level of deterrence. Beyond a certain point any additional investment will offer you a reducing level of improved security for your caravan and what’s more, you wont’ receive any extra discounts on your insurance premiums. At this stage it becomes a question of: what price do you place on your own peace of mind?

Protecting your Caravan – cruckley’s guides

Common Sense Caravan Security
Caravan Wheel Clamps
Caravan Hitch Locks
Anchors, Chains and Padlocks
Caravan Alarms
Security Marking
Security Posts
Electronic Tagging
Caravan Trackers
Sold Secure Approved

Caravan Storage

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