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Cheap Caravan Insurance

cheap caravan insurance

Cheap Caravan Insurance Quotes at Cruckley

Holidays. The great outdoors. Getting away from it all. When you load up your caravan and hit the road, you’re hoping for a relaxing and revitalising experience.

So, imagine if you were involved in an accident which damaged your caravan or your ‘holiday home on wheels’ is vandalised or stolen.

Unfortunately, this does happen and the only way to prevent these things spoiling your break is to have caravan insurance.

Unlike standard motor cover, you aren’t obliged to have caravan insurance to drive on UK roads, but it is highly advisable, especially if you have packed a lot of valuable or are taking your caravan abroad.

Around 2,000 caravans are stolen every year, and when you consider how cumbersome some can be, that shows there are some pretty determined thieves out there.

Therefore, having proper protection is essential, and the cheaper the insurance the better – after all we know you have better things to spend your money on.

Finding cheaper caravan insurance

You’ll want to make your caravan as secure as possible, and not just to stop opportunist thieves pinching your stuff. A caravan with a lot of security features which cost less to insure.

Some caravans may already come with security features, but you can cut your caravan insurance premiums by fitting extra features such as an alarm, hitch and wheel lock, corner steady locks and a tracking system.

You may also find that some insurers will give you a discount you are a member of a group like the Caravan Club or the Caravan and Camping Club, so be sure to let them know when you’re comparing caravan insurance quotes.

Location, location, location

Whether you can get the cheapest caravan insurance premium will also depend on where you keep it. Many people may keep their caravans covered up in their driveways during the winter months, but you could be paying more on your insurance if that’s the case.
Owners who have their caravan holed up in a registered storage site which has reliable and strong security will pay less for their cover.

One of the great aspects of owning a caravan is the freedom to go anywhere at anytime. You don’t have to book hotels or flights, with a quick phone ahead to a caravan site sometimes being the extent of your pre-planning.

However, if you are planning on travelling further afield, you must make sure your caravan insurance policy covers you.

Every policy is different and some providers may insure you for a maximum number of days while you’re outside of the UK. It’s always best to check with your insurer before you go, even if you’re unsure just where you might end up.

Better still, talk to each insurer when you are comparing caravan insurance policies about their arrangements in this area as it could prove to be a deal-breaker in some cases.

And, of course, if you are looking for a great deal and cheap caravan insurance, just fill out our quick and easy quote form now.

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Park Home Insurance Explained

Park Home Insurance

Do you need park home insurance?

To put it simply, yes! There are many reasons why you will need park home insurance, whether you’re the only one that will be using it, loaning it out to family and friends or renting it to paying customers, you’ll need to be covered. Whatever the reason, you’ll require a policy that suits your individual needs.

Park homes can resemble the more traditional home when it comes to size and luxury; however one manor in which they are not similar is in the way they are built. The way in which they are designed means that flash floods and storms can result in significant damage. With an insurance policy for your park home and its’ contents you can be sure to be covered against fire, theft, flood, and flood and water damage; all resulting in peace of mind.

Park Home Insurance – What Do I Get?

Everyone will get a package that is not dissimilar from regular home insurance; however there are many different forms of park home insurance that should be taken into consideration. In its basic form park home insurance will cover you against fire, theft, water, flood and storm damage as well as vandalism. Basic packages will cover the contents of your park home taking into consideration the limit specified when taking out the policy. The physical structure of the park home will also be covered seeing any replacements or repairs needed paid for.

When taking out a park home insurance policy it is important to remember that there are a number of ways in which a park home can be used and so you must ensure that you take out the right policy for your situation. In particular, contents value is very important and it is up to you to make sure all the contents within your park home are covered within the correct policy.

The Importance of Caravan Insurance

caravan insurance

If you are a caravan enthusiast, it is important to take out a good policy to cover both the caravan itself, as well as its fixtures and fittings and your personal effects.

If you are involved in an accident, your tow car policy will not cover any damage to or caused by your caravan. So it is imperative that you equip yourself with specialist cover before setting off.

Another reason it is important to take out caravan insurance is their susceptibility to theft and vandalism – according to the caravan club, over 1400 caravans are stolen each year.

Cover can vary significantly between providers, so make sure you check what cover is included in your policy carefully otherwise it may not end up being as cheap as it could be.

The sorts of questions you need to ask are:

  • Is my caravan covered in the UK only or is European cover included? This is obviously important if you are considering touring abroad but if you only stay in the UK, make sure you are not paying extra for european cover.
  • What excess am I willing to pay in the event of an accident? By selecting a higher excess, you may be able to reduce your premium and find a relatively cheap policy.
  • Is my caravan going to be towed on the road or is it a static caravan? It stands to reason that a touring caravan is more likely to sustain an accident than a static caravan and so will be more expensive to insure.
  • What personal effects do I have on board? Your caravan insurance policy may have a limit per item, which may stop you claiming on high value items.
  • What alternative arrangements will be made if my caravan is involved in an accident? If the worst happens and the caravan is damaged on route to your holiday, does you policy include replacement caravan hire or alternative accommodation? You also need to find out what rescue and recovery arrangements are included in your policy.
  • Does your policy offer comprehensive cover for your vehicle when it is not in use? The cover may vary depending on whether you keep your motor caravan at home or in a storage facility. When looking for a secure motor caravan facility, you should consider its CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association) classification. Each storage facility is assessed and given either a Gold, Silver or Bronze rating. This rating can help you get a lower insurance premium.

By asking the right sorts of questions you can ensure you get the cover that is suited to your needs perfectly, without paying over the odds for extras you don’t require.

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Caravan Insurance Policies Explained

Caravan Insurance Policies Explained

First things first. If your caravan insurance policy isn’t explained in plain English then don’t sign it. It’s up to the insurance company to make sure that they explain themselves properly, it’s not your job to wade through paragraphs of complex clauses and exceptions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and require answers in writing, if they aren’t prepared to write it down then it can’t be relied on (‘a verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on’).

Here are some things that you might come across in the policies you look at:

New for Old
The company agrees to give you the current market value of a new version of your caravan so that you can replace it. Note that this may be less than the sum you have the caravan insured for. The key point here is the replacement of your caravan.

Accidental Damage, Storm and Flood
This is often missed out of basic policies, don’t assume that your caravan is covered and if not take extra care when at risk.

Age of Caravan
Cost often rises for older caravans. If your caravan is over 20 years of age expect to pay a little more with some insurance companies.

Fire and Theft
This is pretty much what you’d expect but make sure that you take appropriate fire precautions and that your caravan has acceptable levels of security (click here for more on caravan security). Be sure to check your policy for these details!

European Use
You will probably be set specific limits in the length of each trip and the total number of days per year you and your caravan spends in Europe. Be careful not to exceed these limits as it may invalidate your policy. If your limit is 90 consecutive days then don’t plan a trip that lasts 89 days, you may be facing a string of lorries behind a militant French tractor with your policy limits running out!

Personal Accident
Usually only available on comprehensive cover this is most likely to be linked with caravan related accidents. Review the policy carefully and make sure you have alternative cover if necessary.

Hotel Accommodation and Replacement Hire
Again usually limited to comprehensive covers. Make sure that the amount allowed will actually get you suitable accommodation or replacement in the country that you are visiting.

Recovery and Delivery Costs
Another place to do calculations. If a limit is set make sure that sufficient funds are available.

Driver Cover
If only one of your group can drive you need to think about how to get home yourself and how to get your car and caravan home if the driver is incapacitated. Will your cover match the costs?

Public Liability
You can hurt other people and damage property when using your car and caravan. The sums insured sound massive (usually between £1million and £2 million) but are set that high for very good reasons. If you were responsible for a permanent injury to someone that required their receiving medical care for the rest of their lives £1million suddenly doesn’t seem quite that much.

Family Cover
Basic covers usually cover both you and your partner, but check!

The level of excess on a policy has a large effect on your premiums for good reason. Most accidents will be relatively minor and have a low cost attached. Insurance companies save a small fortune by persuading you not to claim for the first £50 to £200. For you it’s a balancing act, how much are you prepared to pay towards repairing your caravan after an accident yourself and how much do you want to pay each month.

Free Legal Helpline
This sound impressive but can, in reality, be rather disappointing. Make sure you know what you are actually entitled to here. Does the legal advice include European Law? Can you be given examples of incidents and consequent advice?

Exclusions – Exclusions – Exclusions
This one needs repeating!!! This is where a small disaster can lie waiting for you. You must read these thoroughly and if any seem a little fuzzy ask for clarification (in writing). For example ‘Any liability that arises only because of an agreement.’ Even we aren’t sure what that means!

Caravan Insurance Tips


Caravan Insurance – Money Saving Tips

Use the Internet
Most reputable companies have some form of web site and we have links to most, if not all, of them. Sit back and click on a few links.

Compare Like for Like
Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t make it more cost effective and just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean you have better cover for your caravan. Prices and levels of cover vary widely. With one company you could well be paying more because their overheads are higher or they have a better perceived reputation. With another you may be paying less because they have more stringent exclusions and have to pay out less.

Keep Comparing
Just because you’re with Acme Caravan Insurance Inc. this year it doesn’t mean that they’ll be the best one next year. Keep shopping around each year not just to get the best deal but also if more people do this then the insurers will be pressured into taking care of their existing customers.

You may have a spotless record, you may be a woman, you may be over 40. Find the caravan insurance company that offers you the best deal.

You can either pay your caravan insurance premium in one lump sum or spread out over time. The latter costs more but you don’t have to pay it all in one go.

Read and re-read the exclusions. These are where the insurer can turn a great policy into a worthless piece of paper. “Comprehensive cover at £1 per decade – Exclusion: whilst caravan is either stationary or in motion connected to another vehicle.” A bit of an exaggeration but some exclusions are quite surprising!

Choose carefully how much you are prepared to pay towards repairing your caravan if you have an accident. The more you are prepared to pay the lower your premium will be. Many people only want cover for major accidents and are willing to meet the cost of minor incidents themselves.

Named Drivers
Specify exactly who will be driving rather than ‘anyone’ but check with the caravan insurance company whether or not you can ring in and add someone to the policy at a later date.

Do you need all the fancy additions that some policies have or are you just looking for basic cover for your caravan?

Caravan Storage and Garage Facilities
Your premiums may be significantly reduced if you store your caravan securely. It won’t cover the cost of the storage but will go part of the way to get the cost back and you’ll have a much greater chance of avoiding theft.

Older Caravans
It’s probably not a good idea to get a Rolls Royce policy for a rusty and dilapidated caravan no matter how much it means to you. Match your cover to the value of your caravan.

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