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caravan layout

Getting the Right Caravan For You

A lot of caravans may look the same from the outside, but there’s all sorts of different layouts available which mean that few are the exact same on the inside.

The type of caravan layout you choose will depend greatly on how many people are sleeping in it, so take a bit of time to peruse the different kinds of layout available.

The two-berth layout

Cosy and compact, the two-berth layout is popular with couples you want to get a way for a quick break on their own.

Naturally, these are among the smallest and cheapest caravans on the market and involve the lounge seats or benches being converted into two single beds or one double bed.
There will often be a small bathroom off to the side or, in some models, a kitchen to the rear.

Facilities vary among manufacturers, so check out as many as you can.
The two-berth is light and affordable, but doesn’t have any additional space for other guests.

The fixed double-bed layout

This is a great option for families or those wanting to bring additional guests along, or even for couples wanting to get good use out of the lounge area without all the folding and unfolding.

The double bed is fixed, meaning you don’t have to build it up each night. Convertible lounge seats give you the option of a four-berth caravan, although sometimes this is also known as a ‘two plus two’ layout.

The positioning of the double bed varies between makes and models, with some having the bed running down the side of the caravan while in others, the space for the bed takes up the full width on one end.

The layout you opt for will depend on a number of factors, such as what type of bathroom facilities you want. For those who like to have a shower on board, you should consider a caravan with a relatively roomy full-width washroom.

Others may be content using on-site shower facilities whenever they travel around caravan parks, so a smaller washroom may do the job.

If you are keen on the fixed double-bed layout with a full-width washroom, you should check out the Bailey Olympus 530-4 or Swift Challenger Sport 554

The island bed layout

This is a slight variation on the fixed double-bed layout which allows you to get out of bed on either side, allowing your partner the chance to have a lie-in without being disturbed.

With an island bed layout, you’ll find the bed either on the wall on the nearside of the caravan, facing out across or fixed to the back wall. In either case, there will room on both sides of the bed.

The fixed twin single layout

Another good option for families, the fixed twin single layout doesn’t involve any making up of beds at night, so can be ideal for busy families you just want to crash at the end of the day or even grab 40 winks in the afternoon without disturbing others.

This layout, which offers four single beds in all, can be good for older children who perhaps getting a bit too big for bunk beds, but still want their own sleeping space.
Good examples of the fixed twin single include the Elddis Affinity 574 and Bailey Unicorn Cadiz.

Family layouts

For anyone looking for more than four beds in a caravan, then a family layout is what you should be looking at.

Caravans with five or six berths are usually referred to as family layout and can involve a fixed double bed, fixed or convertible bunk beds, fixed single beds and/or a convertible lounge area which coughs up another one or two beds.

Whatever layout you are looking for, it’s always a good idea to have a chat to the staff at your local caravan shop. They’ll be able to offer advice or furnish you with brochures to allow you to make your mind up and once you’ve got the best caravan be sure to get the best caravan insurance at

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