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Before you start to compare motorhome insurance you need to ask yourself how exactly you intend to use it. Are you planning on staying in the UK or do you want to explore the roads of Europe?

If European cover is included in your policy it is worth noting how many days consecutive cover you are covered for per year. The amount of time allocated will usually differ between motorhome insurance providers so it’s an important factor to take into consideration.

The last thing you want is to be stranded on foreign roads with nowhere to stay for the night, so you must clarify as to whether or not your policy will cover you in such a circumstance. If you are covered then your insurer will cover the costs of providing transport to get to your chosen destination together with accommodation costs should the repairs take some time.

Motorhome Insurance  – Compare levels of cover

As a motorhome’s main purpose is to be both a vehicle and a home it is expected that you will be taking with you many of belongings. Some of these belongings may be of some expense so it’s worth knowing what level of cover you have.

Check as to whether or not your policy pays out “new for old”. In the event that any of your items are lost or stolen it means that you will be provided with replacement items at current prices. It’s a note worth making as expensive items such as laptops, jewelry and tablet computers can be included under such cover.

Some motorhome insurers will also honour this when it comes to the motorhome itself, entitling you to a brand new one should it be damaged beyond repair or stolen without being recovered.

Be sure to be clear on what contents are covered under your policy too. Chances are your motorhome will be carrying many valuable items such as bedding, gas bottles, electrical appliances as well as external equipment; all very expensive to replace.

The majority of motorhome insurance policies will cover these contents in their policy however there is usually a limit as to how much they will be prepared to pay out for per claim.

Don’t forget to check the level of cover you yourself will receive in the event of an accident.

As with any vehicle insurance you could be covered for legal and medical expenses however there is usually a limit on the amount to be paid out, so ensure that this section of your motorhome insurance policy is clarified before taking it out.

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