Park Home Insurance Explained

Park Home Insurance

Do you need park home insurance?

To put it simply, yes! There are many reasons why you will need park home insurance, whether you’re the only one that will be using it, loaning it out to family and friends or renting it to paying customers, you’ll need to be covered. Whatever the reason, you’ll require a policy that suits your individual needs.

Park homes can resemble the more traditional home when it comes to size and luxury; however one manor in which they are not similar is in the way they are built. The way in which they are designed means that flash floods and storms can result in significant damage. With an insurance policy for your park home and its’ contents you can be sure to be covered against fire, theft, flood, and flood and water damage; all resulting in peace of mind.

Park Home Insurance – What Do I Get?

Everyone will get a package that is not dissimilar from regular home insurance; however there are many different forms of park home insurance that should be taken into consideration. In its basic form park home insurance will cover you against fire, theft, water, flood and storm damage as well as vandalism. Basic packages will cover the contents of your park home taking into consideration the limit specified when taking out the policy. The physical structure of the park home will also be covered seeing any replacements or repairs needed paid for.

When taking out a park home insurance policy it is important to remember that there are a number of ways in which a park home can be used and so you must ensure that you take out the right policy for your situation. In particular, contents value is very important and it is up to you to make sure all the contents within your park home are covered within the correct policy.

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