Preparing Your Caravan For Stormy Weather

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Be wise to the weather, especially those stormy moments

Packing for your caravan holiday may seem like a pain sometimes, but it least it gives you the chance to plan for all eventualities. The good thing about packing is you know exactly what you need, so you stuff it into your bag or suitcase. But when it comes to the weather, then it can be anybody’s guess.

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting yourself at the mercy of the reassuringly unpredictable British weather or travelling abroad and running the risk of running into a summer storm or two, it’s always a good idea to have you caravan prepared for whatever the elements can throw at you.

Of course, as a keen caravanner, you’ll probably be checking out the weather forecast on a daily, if not hourly, basis so you might get a good idea of what’s ahead and how to get ready for it.

The first thing you’ll need to do if you know that stormy weather is approaching is secure anything which isn’t already firmly attached to the caravan. Exterior fittings such as bike racks, portable lights, solar panels, TV aerials or satellite dishes could all get blown away in a strong wind if there not either secured or remove altogether. Outside water tanks should also be kept inside in the even of stormy and you may also want to take down the awning.

On the other hand, properly secured awning can actually help you secure other items during a storm if you have the right equipment. You won’t be able to pin down your awning with simple guide ropes, you’ll need equipment specifically designed for turbulent weather.

Before you travel, pop along to your local caravan or camping shop and try and get your hands on stuff like storm anchors, storm straps or storm poles. Just to be on the safe side, however, check your caravan insurance to make sure your awning is covered by your policy as not all equipment is 100 per cent guaranteed to prevent damage.

It may be the last thing on your mind, but do not try to tow your caravan in stormy weather. Your dreams of a nice, pleasant sunshine holiday may have been swept away by gale force winds and you may feel like packing up and going home.

However, it may be more advisable to ride it out and see if the weather improves rather than hedge your bets in hazardous driving conditions. It can hard enough driving a car on motorways and other major roads when you factor in cross-winds and other challenging conditions, imagine what it would be like with a caravan in tow. It could flip over and cause major problems for you and other motorists.

So, in stormy weather, your best bet might be stay put and get out the playing cards.

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