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static caravan insurance

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Static Caravan Insurance – Compare Quotes

As with any type of insurance it is important to be clear on what it is that you require when considering taking out a policy. By honing in on the essential requirements you will be sure to receive the best cover possible at the best price. As an example, if you are planning on renting out your static caravan you need to clarify as to whether or not you are covered for rental loss should the caravan be damaged. Failing to ensure you are covered with the right static caravan insurance could result in you loosing rental income.

What items are covered in your static caravan insurance?

Another factor to consider is what contents are covered in your static caravan insurance. If you are not clear on what items are covered by your policy then you may find out that some items such as laptops, tablet computers, jewelry and camera’s may not be inclusive.

Also, it is worth knowing if you are covered by “new for old” protection. If you are then all items that are lost or stolen will be replaced as new, however there may be some exclusions and limitations, so double check that you know where you stand.

If your static caravan is not covered under a new for old policy then your may be covered under an “agreed value” policy. While this means that any items lost or stolen will be replaced by taking the agreed value into consideration it may work out beneficial for you should you be planning to or have carried out major improvements on your static caravan.

It may result that your static caravan may now be worth far more than the standard model as it would have been valued by the insurer thus determining the amount of money you would receive in the event of a claim.

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